Geminoid-DK, Henrik Scharfe


History of the research

The first geminoid was build in 2005 by Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and the Tokyo-based firm, Kokoro. Professor Ishiguro designed the original geminoid as a tool to study the important notion of presence. Sonzai-kan. The original geminoid - named HI-1 after its master still works at the lab at ATR.

Geminoid-DK, Henrik Scharfe

In the spring of 2010, a new geminoid was created. The new robot, Geminoid-F, was modelled after a young female (hence the name) and was a simpler version of the original HI-1.

Geminoid-DK is the 3rd in the geminoid series, and the first to be modelled after a Caucasian face. Geminod-DK was commissioned in 2010 at Kokoro, and completed in 2011.

Geminoid-DK is situated at Aalborg University in Northern Denmark.